GSC 2019 – Google Stadia

Google announced yesterday that they are in the process of rolling out a new service dubbed Stadia. A cloud-computing based game streaming service that is poised to change everything.  Offering over 10 Teraflops of graphics computing power, more than double that of the PS4 Pro with its 4.6 Teraflops. It will launch offering 4K HDR 60FPS gaming on any device that is chrome cast ready.

Impressive as that is it is really only the tip of the iceberg. Stadia will make GPUs no longer necessary for game playing. They effectively killed a 20+ year old industry, gaming graphics cards. Also Stadia is launching with an optional controller that looks to be an upgraded Xbox controller with added functionality, it enables switching which device you ate playing Stadia on with a single button push. It also makes streaming and sharing much easier as well. You can share with a single button push and the stream originates from their source so it doesn’t cost you data or bandwidth.

So much revolutionary tech in one service and that doesn’t even cover the machine learning… I am thrilled! Keep it real friends!

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