Love Death and Robots


A new Netflix show has me absolutely in love. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this new journey through the mind then you are missing out. I just spent a chunk of my day devouring half of the episodes as greedily as I could, I can’t wait to finish the other half tomorrow.

3 robots image
Copyright Netflix 2019

My favorite so far is entitled 3 Robots. In this short film we see three friends who are all robots exploring a post apocolyptic world. One explains he is decended from a long line of baby monitors, another is obviously a gigantic metrinome and the last is a parody of the Xbox. They go on a short journey through the city, encountering little in the way of living creatures until they come across a cat.

Xbot 4000 decides to pet the cat when it jumps on his lap, a mistake he quickly regrets as the others inform him that cats explode if you stop petting them. They continue their journey until they come across an unexploded Nuke. The weapon causes them to pause and question if this is how the humans managed to destroy themselves.

The other bot laughs and says no, it was global climate change, and of course when they decided to give cats opposible thumbs. It was then that the cat decides to speak up and talk for the first time.

Without ruining the ending I’ll just say that this episode, which was the third one, will be on my mind for a long time to come. To say that we as a species are in danger of destroying ourselves with global warming is a very realistic posibility would be an understatement, and with some scientists experiementing on human genome manipulation it is only a matter of time before some cat obsessed person decides to try to make them smarter and better and… yes even have opposible thumbs.

While hilarious this episode is accurate. I can’t wait to see the rest of the short films on Life Death and Robots!


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