Final Fantasy 14 – New Races Announced

Of all the MMOs Final Fantasy 14 is one of the best. Over the weekend Final Fantasy 14 announced the details of their long anticipated expansion pack. For several months anticipation has been building around the Viera, a bunny race originally appearing in Final Fantasy 12. After the first reveal of the Viera many players were alarmed that the race seemed to be female only. After much prodding Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, told everyone to please wait for the Tokyo Game Show to find out more.

The game show over the past weekend Yoshi P, as the fans of the game refer to the producer, revealed the secret. There will be no male Viera, instead FFIV is going to have a second male cat person option. I am rather unimpressed, take a look for yourself.


While I enjoy the animations and really do love the concept I think it falls a bit flat. Hrothgar, the name for the new cat race, are modeled after the Ronso from Final Fantasy 10. I’ll be honest, I was one of the few people who never really enjoyed 10. I know many people out there absolutely adored it, and it kept getting sequels, so there must be something I’m missing about that one.

On the Hrothgar’s look… Anyone who has played Final Fantasy 11 will feel something familiar about them. As soon as I saw them I felt that they were very reminiscent of the “Galka” race from FFXI.


Which I guess is a shame, I don’t feel very excited. I personally am into cute looking characters, and they are not very cute. They do fill in a gap the game has for larger shaped hero types, it’s currently very limited. So I can see why FFIV would add in a larger muscled type race, I just won’t be playing as one.

I’m sorry Viera fans, I know many of you wanted a cute boy bunny, I am a bit sad myself. Well I guess if you all continue to complain then we can always look forward to it coming out, after all FFIV has always been the game that appeals to the fans and it will move heaven and earth to please them.

Keep it real friends.


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