FF14 Dancer – Ranged DPS?

At the Tokyo game convention FF14 announced several amazing updates to their MMO. The first of which I covered in my previous blog post, two new races, both genderlocked but to the opposing genders.

Now we get to talk about the elephant in the room, new classes.

The last new class they introduced was a “Limited Class” which means you can only use it on certain things. This class was Blue Mage, and since it learned abilities far differently than other classes, it was deemed to not fit in with the others when it came to balance.

The Dancer class however, is going to be a full-fledged new class. Unlike most people who had been anticipating a healer as it had been in the previous online game it appeared in, I had my doubts that they would unbalance the healer / tank ratio in their game. DPS seemed to be where they had an open slot, and sure enough they revealed dancer to be a ranged DPS.

I must admit, I had been expecting dancer to be a melee, the addition of chakram to their kit to allow them to be a ranged DPS seems like a no brainer, the video they released (Which I’ll link below) made me excited to see them in action.

A ranged DPS class that can buff?  What about bard?

I’m a bit concerned that people will be looking at dancer and bard as the two interchangeable classes, and which ever one is slightly ‘better’ at raiding will be the go-to class while the other is shelved.

Time will tell, this is Mason sayin..

Keep it real!

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