Devil May Cry 5

Wow what a game. Normally when I play Devil May Cry games I am delighted to get a chance to play as Dante again. This time however, I was delighted to get a chance to play as not one, not two, but three amazing heroes. While DMC has always had more than one ‘champion’ for you to play as, ever since DMC2 when you got to play the game as Trish, this time around it really feels like they took it to the next level. For once, my favorite character was not Dante.

In DMC5 you get to play as Nero, a new character who is missing an arm and has a desire to seek revenge against the big bad of the game, who is responsible for that arm being taken. I enjoy playing as Nero, he reminds me a lot of the Dante from the failed DMC-2013 iteration, which I loved.

My absolute favorite person to play as in this game was V.

V is a fascinating character for many reasons, he is shrouded in mystery and playing the game will slowly answer the question of who exactly is he. The reason I love V so much is he is essentially a “summoner” archetype in an action game, something that has often been attempted but never, until now, done well.

V’s pets, a large vulture like demon, a black panther type, and a massive rock demon each have their own uses. The vulture is your ranged attack, the cat your melee, and the large demon is a cooldown which you can use quite often. Nightmare, the rock demon, isn’t something you control, he is much like an Infernal from World of warcraft, you summon the thing, it blows everything up and leaves a few moments later.

V himself does not have any attacks except to stab his staff into demons to finish them off, he is a weak character and you must spend a lot of time avoiding being hit while using your pets to attack until the demons you are fighting are weak enough for V to finish them off.

This creates a dynamic game play experience that I cannot honestly recall ever experiencing before. It is a fantastic, fun, and unique gameplay style, and that alone really makes DMC5 a must-play game.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out the launch trailer for DMC5 below.


I absolutely loved DMC5, I encourage everyone interested in a great game to pick it up and give it a try. If you have ever wanted to see what it’s like to play a summoner archetype in an action game when it’s done right, then this is your chance.

I hope the next time I play an Action MMO the developers have played this game so they get an idea of how to take an old class and give it a new spin.

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