The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr

While I bought Elder Scrolls Online, or ESO as it’s often referred to by its fans, when it launched, I haven’t had much time, or interest, to invest in the game. My interest is piqued with the new trailer, and information coming out for the latest expansion pack Elsweyr.

I have always played a Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls games. I love cats, I love playing as a cat person, Final Fantasy 14 got me really to enjoy it by adding in the male cat people who were absent from FF11. Similarly ESO is really getting me interested in it by adding in the homeland of the cat people in Elder Scrolls. Elsweyr has been mentioned countless times by lore and non player characters throughout all iterations of The Elder Scrolls games.

Elder Scrolls has always followed the theme of naming each sequel after a certain homeland of a certain race, Morrowind was the third ESO game, it was the home of the Dark Elves. It was a break-out success for the series, and the following game Oblivion, was set in Cyrodil, the homeland of the Imperials. Everyone knows Skyrim and that it is the home of the Nordic race of people, Skyrim made Elder Scrolls a house hold name.

While Elder Scrolls 6, the sequel to the insanely successful Skryim, has not announced its name or location yet, I doubt it will be set in the kitty homeland of Elsweyr.

So as you may guess, I am extremely excited to gaze upon the ancient and beloved homeland of my favorite race of people in Elder Scrolls, the announcement that Elsweyr is going to be the next addition to Elder Scrolls online has me seriously interested in loading it up and playing it, I think I’ll get that download started!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the trailer for Elsweyr, give it a glance below.


Next time I’ll talk to you about the new class they’re introducing, Necromancer, I can’t wait!

Keep it real!

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