Attack on Titan

Hello friends, welcome back to the blog that teaches you a real lesson from a fictional world!

Today I’m going to touch on the topic of Attack on Titan.

AoT has been around since 2013, this month is it’s 6th year of being in my life through Anime, and in it’s time it has taught me many lessons. Today we’ll be covering the recent developments at the end of season 3. The show is coming back from a long hiatus this month and I can’t wait to see what happens next, with good reason.

The show focuses on the last bastion of humanity sheltering inside massive walls 100 years after the fall of civilization, or so they all believe. A huge part of this show is the mystery surrounding the very existence of all the people in the walls, the walls themselves, and the story that everyone believes to be true about their situation. Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

The main character is Eren Jaeger, him along with his two best pals Mikasa and Armin are the focus of the story, and while much has happened in the three seasons of the show nothing could prepare me for the conclusion of the third season.

There is a moment in the credits after episode 49 ends when everything goes wrong. The ending song starts playing and it is all wrong, the pictures are gruesome and foreshadowing a great and terrible event.

Moments before the season ended our heroes had finally managed to put themselves in position to take back the land they lost in the beginning of the show, to finally take back the main characters town and reclaim a large portion of the lands of humanity.

This flash forward seems to be showing us that all is not what it seems, even though they have uncovered much of the mystery surrounding the walls and humanity, there is still much to be discovered, and from the looks of things it may cost our heroes dearly.

The final scene is of Mikasa and Eren arguing with Levi, a higher ranking officer and very important character to the show. It ends with Mikasa on top of Levi, her blade pressing against his throat. A very uncharacteristic move on her part, Levi is their ally and friend.

What possibly could go wrong?

I can’t wait to see later this month!

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