The Magicians

Have you ever wanted to watch a show about people using magic that felt realistic and engaging? I’d say check out The Magicians, based off a book series, and like most things based off books this is a solid show.

Sarcastic, heart breaking. It makes you cheer, giggle, and cry. This show has everything, including a lovable ensemble of characters that grow and develop as time goes by.  The magic they use is interesting, rather than chanting or rhyming or magic words they manipulate their hands in patterns and signs to cast spells. I have never seen magic portrayed this way in any media I’ve seen, and that scores major points in my book.

The characters really worm their way into your heart, and they each have their own joys and heart-breaks, they all live and it all feels as real as a magical show can be.

It’s currently on its Fourth season on Syfy, a channel that has brought us so many things over the years, you can also pick it up on Netflix, I think you’ll like it.

Keep it real!


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