The Rookie

What can I say, Nathan Fillion in his latest role. I am a bit of a fan of his work, his acting style is always over the top and fun, and he plays his drama with just the kind of wit that can make me laugh. I demand this show get another season, I am hooked, the entire cast is fantastic and three dimensional, and it has freakin’ Nathan Fillion!

If you saw last night’s episode well you’re probably shocked, I did not expect them to put a main character in potential life threatening danger so soon after they killed off a main ish character. This show is letting is letting us know that no one is safe and anything can happen, just like in real life police situations. I’m starting to get a bit of a serious tone from it and I think that it is starting to really find itself.

Let’s be honest, a show called “The Rookie” has problems right off the bat. If the show does well, his character will progress to the point where he’s a normal cop in a season or two. Then will it just be about a guy who’s got the least years on the job? A show about a guy who WAS the oldest rookie? I’m not sure if that is as compelling by itself. That is why I think they are taking the show in a serious tone.

I think this show could continue for a long time after the point where he’s your average police officer, as long as they make the content interesting and the character development just as enjoyable as it has been. The fact that they aren’t afraid to threaten the characters with danger regularly keeps the show fresh and honest.

I demand it get another season! Catch it now on Hulu, that’s how I watch.

Keep it real!


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