The Magicians – Episode 13 Season 4

The season finale that made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Although honestly that could be any given episode of this show. Episode 13 aired April 17th, I just now had a chance to watch it, I’m glad I did before any more spoiler-ish headlines hit. If you googled the show the day after the episode came out the first headlines you’d see are listed below if you’re up for a laugh. Kinda spoilery obviously, you’ve been warned.




–Spoiler warning–




So right off the bat I’m prepared for someone to die. If you’re familiar with the show you should be aware that people dying happens all the time, often it doesn’t keep though. The show has a lot of hallucinations, time lines, time jump, resurrections, and all kinds of things that can keep our main characters safe from any kind of permanent death.

Things were different this time.

Honestly knowing that “someone” was going to die didn’t ruin anything.

Now for the real spoilers, if you’re up for it continue reading.

No really, SPOILERS from now on.



The first half of the episode it seemed like an obvious answer to the question “who is going to die?” would be Eliot, I mean his character is possessed by an unkillable extremely lethal and powerful god being. So imagine the twist when it wasn’t him. They carted Eliot off to be examined by the paramedics, magical ones that could not use any magic due to the shortages and everyone in the world having to help contain the evil god being they had trapped in magic jars. It seemed like Eliot was going to die and that was that.

Cut to Quentin, Alice, and Penny all in the mirror world, they discovered the only way to get rid of these unkillable psychotic god twins was to cast them into “The Seam” a gap between dimensions where anything that enters never comes out. A magical black hole essentially. They unveil a large mirror inside the mirror world, and gazing out into it in place of their reflection they saw a great darkness that was outlined in a bright light. The blackness seemed to be floating in nothingness. Quentin threw the first jar into the mirror and the first of the twin gods was gone forever.

As Quentin was handed the second jar by Alice the elder Librarian entered the room behind them. Everet has his eye on the jar, he wants it to consume the god’s essence and become a god himself. He has been siphoning off Magic this entire season and storing it for this exact purpose. Quentin defies him, yet Everet smashes the mirror. In this world, in this room, any magic that is cast will destroy everything around it, in this state of a stalemate Quen only has one choice. He repairs the mirror and throws the bottle into The Seam, utterly destroying Everet and Quentin himself. Alice only escapes because Penny grabs her and runs for the door as Quentin shouted for them to run only a second before.

Quentin dies.

Quentin sees Penny 23, the first Penny, the one who died from the Poison Room. He is now counceling people as they pass on from one life to the after life.

This is when we all know this is for real, that Quentin is dead as dead can be.

He asks Penny (23) why is he dead. He wants to know if it was a sacrafice or if he finally had found a way to kill himself. Quentin had struggled with life, with reality, with all of the horrors that he encountered both in the real world and finally after discovering magic was real in Fillory as well. For a time he was happy when he discovered magic was real, even at his darkest he wasn’t as dark as he had been all his life prior. That did not last, people around him died, his childhood hero turned out to be a merciless child rapist. He lost faith in people he trusted and saw people he loved turn against him.

He wanted to know if he had turned back into the sad empty shell of a person that he viewed himself most of his life, or if what he had done was truly in the spirit of saving his friends, sacrafice or selfishness.

Penny (23) took him to his friends at a campfire and they were remembering Quentin, throwing things that reminded them of him into the fire and crying. They sang a cover of “Take me on” by Ah-Ha, which I freakin loved. Here, you gotta check it out.


Quentin comes to realize that what he did was more than just the end of his life. What he did was touch and change all of the people in his life. They will continue to live on not just because of how he saved their lives, but more importantly because of how he changed their lives by being part of it.

Penny is telling Quentin that it doesn’t matter why you died, it matters how you lived.

Quentin understands.

He walks into the afterlife.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

Keep it real!


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