Demon Slayer

What started out as a slice of life story rapidly descended into madness. Demon Slayer is a story about a boy who goes to town to sell charcoal and returns to his entire family being demon food. The sole survivor, his sister, was turned into a demon by the attack and our hero has the difficult choice of either killing his demon sister or protecting a human eating monster from ever harming anyone or himself.

This weeks episode really was something special. Training begins and the hero finally finds his resolve, in a fun well done montage style episode at first. The show then switches gears in its second half to be all about our hero realizing that it takes more than practice to make yourself stronger, you need to have skill and precision, courage and faith.


It reminded me of the Matrix. There is no Spoon, once you realize that it is not the spoon that bends but your mind. I’m sure I misquoted that. The lesson is that when you are awake to truth that any obstacle is able to be overcome.


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