Anthem, a patch, a delay

Today the game Anthem was updated with a shiny new patch. It adds in new mods and makes you able to switch gear while in the field. While fantastic changes to the game were added, they came with an announcement that the first major content patch would be delayed.

From their reddit post –

We now know the big content patch that is supposed to include the cataclysm as well as core systems like guilds have been delayed with no time frame for their release.

Much of the community is up in arms about the fact the development team waited so long to announce the delay, as the systems were supposed to hit some time this month, and with little more than a week remaining it seems they were really waiting longer than needed to announce such a disappointing letdown.

All the while, the game is still being updated, the update today was badly needed and did fix a few of the problems the game has. I am a bit hopeful for the future of Anthem but so far their development team has me questioning their skill.

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