Game of Thrones – Final Season – Episode 2

If you have not seen it  yet, well don’t read on because SPOILERS!

This week’s episode further confirms my theory that everyone is about to die.

  • Bran tells Jamie “Why do you think there will be an afterwords.”
  • Lady Brienne of Tarth is finally Knighted, a true climax to her story.
  • Daenerys finally learns that the man she loves is her newphew.
  • Jon accepts his destiny as Aegon.
  • Arya seems like she assumes everyone will die, takes comfort in Gendry.
  • Bran shows that he may know the past and the history, and maybe even have glympes of the future, yet he does not know everything. When he says he does not know if the Night King will fall to dragon fire, it really cements how hope is dangling on a thread.


Ok enough with the bullet points. As you can see all of our heroes this week have prepared for their demise, they are all finishing up long standing story arcs and having their respective story arc climaxes occur rapidly. The story has come full circle to some extent with everyone having gathered in Winterfell, just as they did in the beginning. This is repeatedly noted by Jamie and Tyrion.

My prediction is next week we’ll see King’s Landing. I’m betting the show will make us wait to see the final clash between Winterfell and the white walker army. I have a wild prediction that the Night Knight has broken off with some of his army to attack King’s Landing, and that it will suffer before the attack upon Winterfell. I know it’s a long shot, yet we did not see any of the Night Knight this last week. At the end of the episode we only saw his generals standing by to lead the army, where was the Knight himself? Last we saw he was riding his new pet dragon. The fact he was no where to be seen really makes me feel like that was intentional.

I am willing to bet next week will be him riding into Kings Landing and tearing shit up, however, Euron is supposed to be able to kill dragons. In the source material he has a wide variety of magical items from his journies including armor that is to protect against dragonfire.

It would be an interesting twist to see Euron kill the Night King’s dragon, forcing him to retreat…

Guess we’ll see Sunday!

I’ll leave you with my favorite scene.


Keep it real!


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