One Punch Man! Season 2 Episode 3

I’m sure most of you have noticed the animation and art direction change from season 1, I know that I did but I don’t really mind it much. The story of our hapless hero Saitama continues. He has befriended King, they now are hanging out daily playing video games, and having an S rank around has given him a few chances to fight when he would otherwise have been bored.

Saitama and Genos at last get their hero names. We’ve heard them before only in joking, Caped Baldy and Demon Cyborg are now official and our protagonist has an understandably underwhelming feeling about this new moniker.

I am enjoying his relationship with King, they are growing closer as pals and Saitama’s character is deepened by his reaction to King’s secret. On the first episode this season it is revealed that King is actually just lucky, he has never fought a battle himself, Saitama notices and confronts King, but rather than being upset he spells it out plainly for King. Either continue to fake it or come clean. Those are the options King thinks he has. Saitama simply states to him that he could work really hard and live up to the expectations everyone has of him, as an alternative, and King grows because his friend doesn’t judge him but instead accepts him. We all can learn from this.

In episode 3 we see King and Saitama hanging out in the background, the main focus is Garou has started his killing spree.


After his grand entrance he is now encouraged to follow his path of chaos. He believes that the prophecy of a world ending monster is speaking about him, and he is out to prove it this week. Garou is on the hunt for heroes, he finds Mumen Rider and is about to attack when Tank Top Master and all of the tank top heroes we’ve seen in the anime so far show up and confront Garou. Tank Top Master is S rank 16 and at first it seems that Garou does not stand a chance.


Unfortunately Tank Top Master’s dominance over the battle evaporates once Garou witnesses enough of his technique. Garou easily defeats Tank Top Master and brutalized Mumen Rider, before making all of Tank Top Master’s disciples into victims themselves.

This episode really has Garou taking out all comers as he tracks down Golden Ball from the first season and challenges him to a fight, yet in the end even Golden Ball and his partner stand no chance.

The entire episode Saitama is being told how powerful Garou is and that he is a martial arts master, something Saitama himself is not. He decides to try to pose as an injured comrade and enter a tournament to train himself for the coming conflict against Garou. Ironically on the way there Garou is on his rampage and attacks Saitama. Our Hero does not recognize Garou and defeats him with his usual one hit and continues on his mission to purchase a wig.

Fantastic ending to the episode, we now know Saitama is still the strongest being on the show, Garou’s attack didn’t even phase him and he easily laid Garou out without even trying. The fact that it was a humorous moment means that their ultimate conflict has yet to manifest. I wonder if we’ll see Garou fight Sonic? Can’t wait for next week!

Keep it real!


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