One Punch Man vs My Hero Academia

I could go on for days about the super hero genre. Avengers Endgame just released yesterday after all. There are many anime that touch on this subject as well, Tiger and Bunny, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Z, and more. They all at one point speak to the essense of what it truly means to be a hero. This week when I was watching One Punch Man I decided to write a blog about comparing a narrative of two similar story arcs.

In the recent story arc of My Hero Academia our heroes have been dealing with the aftermath of All Might retiring, and the League of Villians repeated onslaught against them, yet the most insideous issue that is plauging them is Hero Killer Stain.


Stain introduced doubt into the hearts of the citizens and heroes in My Hero Academia’s world. He made them truly afraid while also making them question if the entire system was broken. Was it wrong for the heroes association to even exist? Should heroes not be seeking fame and glory and money? What does it mean to be a true hero? All of these questions he pushes into the minds of the people, he makes them question everything. In the end even defeating him does nothing to quell his influence, the questions he asks are pervasive and they sew the seeds of conflict even amongst the heroes themselves.


The reason I bring up Hero Killer Stain is that this week in One Punch man we are finally introduced to Garou and his motivations.


Garou is driven by hate and scorn like most bad guys, he was thrown out by his master and he seeks revenge. His methodolgy is similar it seems to Stain though, he wants to prove to everyone that he is stronger because they are all weak, fake, undeserving of their title of Hero. He is more motivated by pride and his own pain than Stain seems to be yet his desire to bring down the establishment is very similar.

Both characters are forcing their respective worlds to question the status quo, to doubt in their heroes, and to examin the essence of what it is to be a hero. I can’t wait to see more of One Punch Man to see if Garou has any more development. Thanks for reading guys!

Keep it real!


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