The Magicians

Have you ever wanted to watch a show about people using magic that felt realistic and engaging? I'd say check out The Magicians, based off a book series, and like most things based off books this is a solid show. Sarcastic, heart breaking. It makes you cheer, giggle, and cry. This show has everything, including … Continue reading The Magicians

These Violent Delights…

Have violent ends. We hear this all the time in the TV show "Westworld." What does it mean? Simply put, Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. While you might think it's saying "you get out what you put in," you would be mistaken. Taken from Spark-notes : "These violent delights have … Continue reading These Violent Delights…

The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr

While I bought Elder Scrolls Online, or ESO as it's often referred to by its fans, when it launched, I haven't had much time, or interest, to invest in the game. My interest is piqued with the new trailer, and information coming out for the latest expansion pack Elsweyr. I have always played a Khajiit in … Continue reading The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr

Devil May Cry 5

Wow what a game. Normally when I play Devil May Cry games I am delighted to get a chance to play as Dante again. This time however, I was delighted to get a chance to play as not one, not two, but three amazing heroes. While DMC has always had more than one 'champion' for … Continue reading Devil May Cry 5

FF14 Dancer – Ranged DPS?

At the Tokyo game convention FF14 announced several amazing updates to their MMO. The first of which I covered in my previous blog post, two new races, both genderlocked but to the opposing genders. Now we get to talk about the elephant in the room, new classes. The last new class they introduced was a … Continue reading FF14 Dancer – Ranged DPS?

Final Fantasy 14 – New Races Announced

Of all the MMOs Final Fantasy 14 is one of the best. Over the weekend Final Fantasy 14 announced the details of their long anticipated expansion pack. For several months anticipation has been building around the Viera, a bunny race originally appearing in Final Fantasy 12. After the first reveal of the Viera many players … Continue reading Final Fantasy 14 – New Races Announced

Destiny 2 – Forsaken

If you haven't had the time or the desire, Forsaken is on sale right now on If you haven't heard of Destiny before, it's arguably the best looter shooter "mmo-lite" game out there right now. The only other game that has my attention is The Division 2, also fantastic. I've been a long time … Continue reading Destiny 2 – Forsaken

Verticle Slice – Realistic Expectations

A verticle Slice is a tech demo of a game, a working level, a portion of the finished product that lets you show proof of concept. It can be a boon or a curse. There has been much said about the recent release of Anthem, the online looter shooter by Ubisoft. While the game is … Continue reading Verticle Slice – Realistic Expectations