The Rookie

What can I say, Nathan Fillion in his latest role. I am a bit of a fan of his work, his acting style is always over the top and fun, and he plays his drama with just the kind of wit that can make me laugh. I demand this show get another season, I am … Continue reading The Rookie


These Violent Delights…

Have violent ends. We hear this all the time in the TV show "Westworld." What does it mean? Simply put, Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. While you might think it's saying "you get out what you put in," you would be mistaken. Taken from Spark-notes : "These violent delights have … Continue reading These Violent Delights…

Verticle Slice – Realistic Expectations

A verticle Slice is a tech demo of a game, a working level, a portion of the finished product that lets you show proof of concept. It can be a boon or a curse. There has been much said about the recent release of Anthem, the online looter shooter by Ubisoft. While the game is … Continue reading Verticle Slice – Realistic Expectations